Metal Mesh Filters


Qinghe Metal Mesh specializes in the design and manufacture of custom filters for the polymer, petrochemical, power generation and oil and gas industries. Our staff will work with you to manufacture a filter that meets your specific application requirements.

Filter Shape and specifications:

Custom design according to drawings or samples. Qinghe is equipped with state of the art tooling machines.

Filter Material:

we use quite different material to manufacture thousands of kinds of filters.

Steel Woven Wire Mesh
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Brass/copper/Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh
Plastic Wire Mesh
Expanded Metal
Perforated Metal
Knitted Wire Mesh
Welded Wire Mesh
Wire Itself
Combination of any of the above material

Single Extruder Screen Filters

They are predominantly used in the plastic reclamation industry, often with a Dutch Weave filter used in conjunction with a plain weave support filter.
These are also used in the extruded profiles and blown film industries where the contamination of the raw material is less and there is often lower pressure within the extruder head.

Spot Welded Packs

These are excellent for use in any field where a specific graduated filtration is required.
Another advantage is that it stops single screen filters being placed into the extruder incorrectly. For example, a pack consisting of three meshes could consist of a 10mesh / 20mesh / 10mesh; meaning that whichever way the wire mesh filter is placed into the extruder head, it will work correctly.

Rim Packs

These are spot-welded packs that have an Aluminum or Stainless steel rim added to them to give the wire mesh filter extra rigidity and strength.
These are excellent for use where the extruder screen filter is operating at high pressures or if there is a danger of contamination getting around the edge of the breaker plate.

Filter Perforated Stainless SteelĀ 
Filter Stainless Steel Custom Made Design
Filter Brass Wire Mesh
Filter Compressed Stainless Steel Wire
Filter Custom Made Shape Steel Woven Wire Mesh
Filters Expanded Aluminum
Filters Expanded Stainless Steel
Filter Perforated Stainless Steel Micro Hole
Filter Multi-Layer Wire Mesh with Rim
Filter Perforated Stainless Steel Custom Shape
Filter Perforated and Woven Wire Mesh
Filter Stainless Steel Wire Mesh High Pressure

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