Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Pre-Gal. Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Hexagonal wire Mesh

Hexagonal wire mesh is also called chicken wire, rabbit wire mesh, or poultry mesh, it is hexagonal opening woven wire mesh, which is made of pre-galvanized wire or PVC coated wire, or done galvanization/PVC coating after weaving.

Hexagonal wire mesh has a firm structure and flat surface. It offers good ventilation for fencing uses. It is extensively used as light fencing for poultry, farms and pet enclosures, tree guards and garden fencing, also used in industry and agriculture, construction as reinforcement and fencing.

Hole Measurement and Twisted Ways:

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Hole Measuring Drawing
Hexagonal Wire Mesh ing Straight Twisted
Hexagonal Wire Mesh Double Twisted

Galvanized Hexagonal Wire Mesh Types according to different Procedures:

Hot Dip Galvanized after Weaving: Weave with high quality low carbon steel wire first, then do Hot Dip Gal., zinc coating from 30g/sqm to 250g/sqm. The mesh is white shiny, smooth and with high anti-corrosion ability.

Hot Dip Galvanized before Weaving: Weave with hot dip gal wire, basically the zinc coating is 50g-60g. The mesh is white shiny, smooth and with high anti-corrosion ability.

Electro Galvanized before Weaving: Weave with electro gal wire, also available with electro plating wire.

Electro Galvanized after Weaving: Use high quality low carbon steel wires to weave first, then do electro Gal.

Comparison for the above four different procedures

Comparison for the above four different procedures
Procedures PriceQualityZinc LayerAnti-corrosion Time
Hot Dip Gal. After WeavingHigherBest220-380gLonger
Hot Dip Gal. Before WeavingNormalBetter40-180gLong
Electro Gal. After WeavingLowNormalLowEasy rust
Electro Gal. Before WeavingLowerLowerLowerEasy rust

PVC Coated Hexagonal Wire Mesh Materials

PVC coated after weaving: Plain steel wire or gal. wire is woven into chicken wire then doing PVC coated. Popular colors are green, black, yellow, and brown. PVC layer is from 0.2mm to 0.5mm. This layer of PVC will greatly increase the service life of hexagonal wire mesh, anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-aging weathering effect, and through the different color choices, make the hexagonal wire mesh integrate into the surrounding environments well.

PVC coated before weaving: Weaving with PVC coated wire, wire diameter usually is 0.8mm-2.6mm. Such chicken wire has high strength, and is not easy to deform. It has the advantages of being anti-aging, anti-corrosion, and having long service life, etc. Popular colors are green, black, and brown. Other colors can also be made. It’s able to bear great tensile strength and easy for construction and transportation.

Stainless Steel Hexagonal Wire Mesh Materials

AISI 304 Stainless Steel Wire
AISI 304L Stainless Steel Wire
AISI 316 Stainless Steel Wire
AISI 316L Stainless Steel Wire

Hexagonal Wire Mesh PVC coating after weaving
Hexagonal Wire Mesh thick PVC coating
Hexagonal Wire Mesh Loading 
Hexagonal Wire Mesh PVC coating before weaving
Gabion Mesh Box before Loading
Gabion Mesh Box Weaving on machine
Hexagonal Wire Mesh Specification
Mesh SizeWire Diameter
3/8 IN9.5MMSWG27-240.42-0.56MM
1/2 IN12.7MMSWG27-230.42-0.61MM
5/8 IN15.9MMSWG26-220.46-0.71MM
3/4 IN19.0MMSWG25-200.51-0.91MM
1 IN25.4MMSWG25-190.51-1.02MM
1-1/4 IN31.2MMSWG23-190.61-1.02MM
1-1/2 IN38.1MMSWG23-190.61-1.02MM
2 IN50.8MMSWG23-190.61-1.02MM
2-1/2 IN63.5MMSWG21-190.81-1.02MM
3 IN76.2MMSWG20-180.91-1.22MM
4 IN101.6MMSWG19-171.02-1.42MM

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